Spring Reinvigoration

Dear Members, Sponsors, and Colleagues,

Happy spring! Once again, we find ourselves working endless hours, answering a multitude of phone calls, and if we’re lucky, coming home at the end of the day covered in dirt. I hope all of you are enjoying a busy and fruitful spring season!

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from your APLDCT, but that’s all about to change. The APLDCT board has been working hard behind the scenes to reinvigorate this chapter. We have some exciting things planned for the upcoming year, and I hope to see you at one of our events!

But first, let me back up and introduce myself; I’m Scott Hokunson, a landscape designer and principal of Blue Heron Landscape Design, in Simsbury, CT. I am currently serving my second year as president of APLDCT, and I have been a member, and active on the board, for the better part of the last decade.

Now, on to more interesting stuff. Two years ago, the board voted to hire an outside firm to build the Connecticut Chapter a new website. During that time, while navigating crazy schedules and Covid19, we hired a firm, INQ Creative, gathered content, and saw our hard work come together in a beautiful new website, that will soon be live.

The website will be a valuable tool for:

  • Communicating with chapter members.
  • Promoting chapter members (each month will feature a “Member of the Month”).
  • Recognizing our wonderful sponsors.
  • Giving members a voice, via the chapter blog.
  • Keeping membership current regarding legislative issues.
  • Helping members sign up work, through our “Find a Designer” function on the website.
  • Providing a running list of events to keep us connected as a chapter, through education and social outlets.

The website will be up and running very soon, so please stay tuned!

I also want to alert you to several events in April that may be of interest.

  • Rich Rosiello, APLDCT past president, is speaking at Hollister House Garden on April 23rd, Rich, is an entertaining and talented designer, and well worth the price of admission.
  • Long time sponsor of APLDCT, Colorblends – Wholesale Flower Bulbs, will once again open their House and Garden in Bridgeport for the month of April. You’ll find amazing design ideas from the many thousands of beautiful bulbs in bloom in the garden, and will be inspired and moved by the artists displaying their talents in the restored 1903 Colonial Revival mansion, also on site.

You’ll find links to these events and others, in the events section of this newsletter. Hope to see you there!

I’ll end this month’s message with a request, a request for you to get involved. The success of this chapter rests in the hands of its members, so please consider donating some of your time to ensure its success, every little bit helps. We’ll have more info on how you can help the Connecticut chapter in future newsletters and on the website, but for now, if you’d like to get involved, shoot me an email, or call me on my cell, and we can chat.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2022, and I look forward to meeting each of you at one of our events this year!!

Scott Hokunson
APLDCT Chapter President
Cell (860) 982-8635


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