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Thank you for visiting the CT Chapter of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. In Landscape Design, as with any design principle or artistic endeavor, there is more than one solution to a problem. Within these pages, I invite you to explore the nuances that each of our designers employs to realize the potential that your property holds. Let this site be a catalyst to realize the dreams that lie sleeping deep within the ground. Please utilize the ‘Find a Designer’ page to connect with the designer that speaks to you.

We also welcome a dialogue with other design professionals within our and neighboring states. I invite you to become a member of APLD, the only national organization whose sole focus is on Landscape Designers. The organization will afford you the opportunity to meet, share ideas, and work with Landscape Design and Green Industry thought leaders from across the country. Take advantage of the numerous educational opportunities, garden tours, and webinars that are offered as well as the annual APLD International Design Conference. To belong to APLD is to Belong to a Community.

Allied industry professionals and suppliers are seen throughout our pages. These businesses reinforce and aid the efforts of APLDCT members and facilitate our work, providing us with the best materials for our jobs. We ask that you visit and support them.

If you have questions regarding becoming a member or a chapter sponsor, please feel free to contact us at APLDCT.

With the launch of this website, we also announce a transition in leadership. Please join me in Welcoming and Supporting the new CT Chapter President for 2021, Scott Hokunson. He is a long-time member of APLD and has worked on our behalf in a variety of capacities. He has a great vision for our future; we are in excellent hands with Scott at the wheel.

Respectfully yours,

Richard B. Rosiello
APLDCT Chapter President (2020)
APLD President-Elect (2020-2021)

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