APLDCT is the Connecticut chapter of The Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD), an international organization founded in 1989, dedicated to advancing the profession of landscape design and promoting its members as qualified and dedicated professionals.  

APLD supports its members with:

  • Advocacy – APLD’s commitment to advocacy for landscape designers ensures that designers are aware of their right to practice within those laws and extends those activities to protect those rights.
  • Education – APLD provides its members with opportunities to further their education within the field through online, and in-person, seminars, through local chapter events, and with a yearly design conference.
  • Certification – APLD offers its members a program based on completed projects that provides professional certification recognition to those designers who pass a rigorous peer review program.

APLD supports the community by providing professional, educated, landscape designers, who have an ever-growing knowledge of design techniques and strategies that provide solutions to any project or landscape improvement, a client presents.

Connecticut is a diverse state with a vibrant and growing market for landscape design services. The Connecticut Chapter (APLDCT) proudly represents APLD and its mission and is ready to welcome you as a new member or, ,if you are beginning a new project, refer you to one of our professional landscape designers!

What is Landscape Design?

Landscape design is a combination of art and science, a process through which a landscape designer addresses existing site conditions with elegant and functional design solutions to realize a stated goal. Every site, regardless of size, presents an opportunity to create something new, but creating is not always straightforward. To achieve success, one must start with analysis of the existing, then plot a course to realize the finished product. Combining elements such as form, color, scale, and texture, with use and function are important for an aesthetically pleasing, well-designed, safe, and useful, finished landscape. Landscape design is an essential process for any garden or landscape.

It Takes a Professional

A professional landscape designer is an originator of ideas, a problem solver, and a guide, during the design process. They bring with them, to each project, a wealth of experience allowing them to navigate complex site characteristics and address each with design solutions. Throughout their career, they work continually to learn and understand the elements of landscape design, through education, seminars, and networking, to better incorporate them into a landscape that is beautiful and functional and meets the needs of their clients. Hiring a professional landscape designer is the first, and most important, step in creating a beautiful landscape.

A Guide to Landscape Design

Thinking of making improvements to your landscape, but not sure where to begin? To get you started, APLDCT has put together a sampling of questions that your designer might ask, and a list of landscape elements that you may wish to have included in your project’s design. Spending a little time answering these questions and discussing your specific wants, will help you to identify the goals of your project and communicate them more effectively to your designer, greatly improving the success of your project.

2022 APLDCT Board of Directors

APLDCT is an all-volunteer organization. We are the state chapter of the national organization APLD. The board of directors is responsible for chapter business, scheduling events and meetings, and recruiting members and sponsors. Please feel free to contact any of the board members with questions regarding APLDCT.

APLDCT Sponsors

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