Sustainability and APLDCT

Greetings fellow designers and members,


Sustainable is a word used often in landscape design.  In 25 years and long before sustainable became a buzz word, have I ever had someone tell me that they were hoping for a high maintenance garden of their dreams?  It just doesn’t happen!  With people always trying to capture more time, everyone who is considering a new landscape is interested in a low maintenance garden that will come back and be successful, year after year, with minimal human input.

What about the sustainability of APLDCT? A lot of our members think this is a new chapter and it is, sort of.  I was part of another CT APLD chapter a long, long time ago.  That first chapter died a slow death in the early 90’s because of a lack of input.  Let’s not let that happen again!  Landscape designers should have a voice within the state and one of those voices should be APLDCT.  For APLDCT to remain strong and sustainable, we need active members!

Here are a handful of things you can do to help this chapter survive.


Let’s start with the easiest, attend an event.

Tell others about APLDCT: All types of designers, peers, suppliers, contractors, clients.

Ask the above to follow us on social media, we have accounts everywhere.

Ask if they would like to receive our newsletter.

Help organize a social or educational event.

Help man a trade show booth in the future.

Take a supporting role on a committee.

Think about becoming a board member.


I can say that being a part of this group has made me a better designer and has awarded me new friendships and contacts.  If you think being a board member requires a ton of time, it doesn’t. There are plenty of ways to add input and make a difference in the future success of this chapter.


All the best,


Richard Schipul – Designing Eden llc

President APLDCT

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