APLD CT – Nominations for 2012 Board of Directors

The APLD CT Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the election for the 2012 APLD CT Board of Directors…

Uncle Sam

APLD CT needs YOU...

About the Board of Directors

The APLD CT Board of Directors consists of seven members elected from the general membership.  The term for each Director is 2 years.  Each year, the terms of approximately one-half of the Directors expire.

This year, the terms of three (3) of the current Directors are set to expire.  That means there are three vacant positions that need to be filled.


Any current APLD CT chapter member, with certified or associate status, is eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.

~ Nomination Process

If you’re interested in nominating yourself, or another current APLD CT member, to serve on the 2012 Board of Directors, simply contact Richard Rosiello.

~ Serving on the Board of Directors

Chapter involvement is the most tangible benefit of belonging to APLD CT.  The Board meets approximately every month, alternating between in-person meetings and conference calls.  If you have several hours each month to volunteer – and let’s face it, who doesn’t – you can make a difference and help raise awareness of the value of professional landscape design in Connecticut.

~ CEUs for Certified Members

Certified members will receive CEU credit for serving in an officer’s position on a chapter Board.

CEU credits are as follows:

President-5 CEU credits/year

Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer – 3 CEU credits/year

~ Election Timeline

November 30– Deadline to notify Nominating Committee of your intent to stand for election

December 01 – Slate of Nominees is officially set and voting begins (if needed)

December 15 – Final day to submit your vote

December 30 – 2012 APLDCT Board of Directors is officially announced

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