APLD Connecticut – Excellence in Design award

APLD Connecticut presents the Excellence in Design Award

Whitney Freeman-Kemp and Jackie Cameron award the Excellence in Design Award at the 2011 Connecticut Flower Show to Kevin Rescildo of Pondering Creations


The 2011 Connecticut Flower & Garden Show was the venue for over a dozen elaborately designed landscapes created to inspire show attendees and get them thinking about what’s possible in their own gardens once all the snow and ice finally melts.  APLD Connecticut was asked to judge the landscapes and present the official Excellence in Design award.

 APLDCT members Brid Craddock of Brid Craddock Landscape Design and Jackie Cameron of Jackie Cameron Landscape Designs  represented the chapter as the official judges. Brid and Jackie walked through the commercial (not including the non-profit entry) display gardens with a trained eye focused on design.

 The design intent set by the organizers of the Connecticut Flower & Garden Show was to “Capture the Magic”.   Bird and Jackie had garden descriptions explaining how each participant had planned the garden and described how their garden “Captured the Magic”.  

The criteria used for judging including:

◊  Overall layout

◊   Materials used 

◊   Plant selection, variety, form, placement and seasonal representation

◊   Design unity

◊   Selection of focal point

◊   Execution

◊   Maintenance during the show

◊   Most importantly, how well the display garden represented the design descriptions

After reviewing all the entries, Pondering Creations, LLC had created the display garden that best represented the elements of good design and “Captured the Magic”.   If you look closely at the photo,  the stone wall with its amethyst and detailed whimsical construction was the best example of “Capturing the Magic”. 

Congratulations to Pondering Creations and all the other companies who participated.

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